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Using wall planters in your garden is a convenient way to have a vertical garden. Why restrict your gardening to the floor when you have your walls to use?

Pot Wall Planter

If you are gardening indoors or outdoors, wall planters are an ideal way to utilize as much space as possible.
Wall planters come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors and materials also vary.

Some very popular materials used are the everlasting wrought iron and terracotta and plastic as well, also dubbed “poly.”

Which Planter to Choose

When choosing a wall planter, it is best to plan ahead and think about where you would like your planter to be situated.
This is because some planters, such as those made of metals, may tend to heat up when placed in direct sun. Consider whether the spot you are hanging it will have strong sun, either way you will need to protect your plants if they are inside a full metal planter.

This is not really the case for some iron planters which use a barrier such as coconut liner as a filling.
These types are fine to place in a full sun area because the coconut lining offers plenty of air circulation and the metal in these types of planters is laid out in strips and not entirely solid.

Wall Planter Thoughts

Some wall planters are quite heavy. Luckily, manufacturers are creating planters made up of lighter materials such as the poly types. These are excellent choices when you need a lightweight planter. Think about small planters if you are very concerned with weight.

Always remember that with some wall planters, they will need to be monitored if they do not have drainage holes drilled in. You do not want water to sit at the bottom of the planter for days on end; otherwise you will risk losing your plants. In addition, stagnant water can attract mosquitoes and you do not want those pesky critters in your garden.

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