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There are many different types of metal planters including wrought iron, copper and galvanized steel.

Metal planters offer a very nice and intricate touch to your garden décor and they can really enhance your landscape because they can be bent in very pleasing shapes!
Metal planter buckets
Consider investing in a lovely metal wall planter or bucket to draw your viewing eyes upward. The wonderful benefit of using hanging planters is that you utilize more of your garden space and this is a great advantage especially if you have a very small garden.

Regardless of whether your garden is large or small, you can make use of metal wall planters to make the most of what you have and to give your flowering plants closer access to a fresh breeze.

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Benefits of Metal Garden Planters

One of the benefits of metal garden planters is that they are very versatile. Metal can be bent into beautiful shapes and designs which will add some diversity to your garden theme.

Metal planters are also extremely sturdy and you will not have to worry about chipping or cracking.

They also are quite versatile and will age slowly in your garden and colors may even change. Many planters that are made of certain metals will even start to take on a pretty and weathered green colored finish called patina. This is a normal chemical reaction to the elements. Think about the Statue of Liberty and you will get a nice idea of how your metal planter might look after being outdoors for a while.

What to Be Aware of with Metal Garden Planters

Metal planters, unfortunately, do tend to heat up in the sun. So you need to take care of plants that are in these planters by providing a barrier pot, which is just an extra pot to protect the plant from coming into direct contact with the metal.
Metal planters in Black

You should also try and keep these planters out of direct strong sun which may help significantly to keep your plants from drying out or getting too overheated. Take care of plants in these planters and keep them on a frequent watering schedule.

Some metals, such as iron can be quite heavy, which most people do not mind, however, it makes moving them around a bit of a chore.

If you are buying steel or any metals that are prone to rust then look for products that say “galvanized.”
Galvanized metals have been coated with a zinc finish to prevent rusting.

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