Decorating with Tiered Planters

Tiered planter Tiered planter Tiered planter

Tiered planter

You may have just recently discovered tiered planters. If so, you will find them easy and fun to use in your shabby chic garden.
A tiered planter is basically laid out with a base planter and then consists of several other usually smaller planters piled on top of the base.
They might remind you of a small fountain when you first look at them. They do because the designs are the same except tiered planters are on a smaller scale. That is not to say that tiered planters do not come in larger sizes or even extra large sizes, because they do.
Decorating with a tiered planter will really add a fancy touch to your garden and help you to make the most of your limited or unlimited garden space.

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Helpful Hints for Tiered Planters

One point that is important to remember is to not forget to poke out your drainage holes from your planter. This may seem like common sense but there is nothing worse than getting all of your plants arranged and all settled in, only to discover you forgot this little detail.

I had mistakenly forgotten to poke the holes out of my own tiered planter and began to excitedly fill it with soil. I really filled the whole pot (there were 2 tiers in mine) with soil.

Unfortunately, I did not realize until the very end when I finished adding all my plants!
I added water to get the soil wet and to help the plants settle in and realized that the water would not go down!
I ended up having to poke holes all around the planter which was quite difficult since it was extremely heavy.
Point of story… check your drainage holes to ensure that they are all poked out!

Benefits of Tiered Planters

Tiered planter

Tiered planters are a wonderful way to make the most of your limited garden space. If you are an apartment dweller or only have a small patio garden then you will appreciate what these pots can do for you.
Since most pots will sit on the floor or on garden benches, you really are not using all the space you have. With a tiered planter, not only will you be able to have more plants in your garden but you draw the eyes upward!
Tiered planters are also very pretty for that lovely cascading effect in your garden.

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