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Stone planters are just beautiful and provide a very classic and elegant place where you can begin your art of designing with your plants. Every backyard should have at least one true cast stone pot in it.

Unfortunately, most are quite expensive. They are also extremely heavy and can be a pain to move around.
Do their benefits outweigh the advantages of beauty and class? It depends on your tastes and just how far you are willing to go into gardening land.

Beautiful Stone Pots

Real stone is extremely heavy, however, (in general) they are made to last a lifetime. The same goes for cast stone, and it is also heavy because they are cast from cement!
Stone Garden Urn-Maywood
Higher quality casting techniques involve reinforcing the mixture with a high quality fiber.

The benefits of using cast stone are that you get a variety of choices between finishes.

Many finishes will vary between natural (no finish), travertine, aged limestone, alpine stone, verde and English moss among a few others.
Most of the staining techniques used are designed to permanently color the stone which is wonderful because you will never have to worry about peeling or flaking.

Pots In Your Home

The biggest problem will be placing your pot wherever you would like. Stone is indeed heavy and moving one around (depending on its size) is a two person job or at the very least may require a strong dolly.

Cast stone garden pots are available in many intricate and elaborate designs. They are quite versatile and there will always be one that can catch your eye due to the variety of designs and molds at your disposal.

This material is elegant and stunning. It adds a touch of luxury to your home and there is nothing more surprising than running your hands over the edge of cast stone and feeling its coolness.

That is the luxury of stone!

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