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If you have to choose between plastic planters and all other planters then which one would you choose?
Many gardeners would choose plastic and for several good reasons.

Plastic planters are affordable, very lightweight and they also come in many different shapes, sizes and colors and are probably the easiest of all the pots to work with.

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Plastic planters or polyethylene or “poly” are a great way to get the most for your money, because plastic is very inexpensive and quite durable against poor weather conditions.
Plastic is indeed a favorite among gardening enthusiasts.

Since plastic is such an affordable material, you can find many replicas of stone planters with intricate and delicate patterns although this is more common with fiberglass planters.

Colors or finishes can even replicate stone and the natural look of terracotta.

The Benefits of Plastic Planters

Plastic garden planters are very lightweight, which makes them easy for you to move them around without asking for help. This is not the case with other higher end planters, such as those made of cast stone.

One of the most convenient pluses to using plastic is that they help to retain as much water as possible.
Plastic is not porous, so more water is held in the pot for your plant, instead of being evaporated through pores. This not only saves you time (from frequent watering) but it also might save you money.

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Many gardeners face the dilemma of fretting over their plants, especially during hot, dry summers. If you live in an area with mandatory water restrictions, you might appreciate the benefits of plastic planters for your favorite flowers.
Buying plastic means that you will use water in the most efficient way possible.

There are also some plastic garden planters that conveniently come with a self watering system where water is drawn up by a wick to help keep the roots from drying out.

These planters are very beneficial to gardeners who do not have time for daily watering and can be a big help during vacations or out of town trips.

Plastic planters are reliable and all time favorites for many gardeners.

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