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Terracotta planters (also spelled as terra cotta) are classic pieces that many gardeners turn to when they want a more natural decorative garden planter.

Clay and terracotta are very similar in that they are constructed of the same ingredient of clay. The differences lie in their baking temperatures. Terracotta is often baked at greater temperatures than clay pots.

Some of the terracotta planters above are actually not terracotta, but made of mixtures that can resemble terracotta which can take on either a reddish or white hue. Luckily, you can still get its rich, natural look with a variety of materials!

Aged Terracotta Planter Bowl

If you are searching for a planter that can last a lifetime then true terracotta may be a great choice. There are handmade terracotta pots which can last for generations if taken care of.
These, understandably are more expensive. In general, a good rule of thumb is the more expensive a planter is, the longer it will last you.

Terracotta planters can be very simple in their designs to very elaborate with fine details that are constructed by the most talented artisans.

To make terracotta more cost efficient, they also can be machine made which are the planters that are frequently purchased by savvy gardeners.

Machine constructed terracotta is of no lesser quality; however, the ornate details available may be less.

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Making the Most of Terracotta

When choosing a terracotta planter it is best to pick a sturdier pot with thicker walls. Remember, the thinner the walls, the more apt it is to break. You risk damaging your pot with every move around the garden.

 Terracotta Lavender Planter White

The thicker the walls of the pot, the more durable and less likely it will break.

Terracotta is fired at higher temperatures than clay pots, so it is more resistant to harsh weather conditions than clay. Keep in mind, however, that your pots should be protected from cold winters because although they are more water resistant, they are still porous.

If a pot is porous, the water is more likely to be absorbed within its pores which may freeze in cold temperatures. This will cause the pot to crack or break, which is not what you want.

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