The Teapot Planter

teapot planter

The teapot planter is an adorable little planter that any tea loving gardener would enjoy having in their garden to add to their collection.

Many teapot planters (the majority) are made of ceramic and mostly because ceramic is durable and has such a fine finished look and is pretty versatile. It is also the perfect medium for painting; so many ceramic planters can be painted and come in a variety of different designs with very pretty floral patterns as well.

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Designing With the Teapot Planter

One important point to be aware of is that if your teapot planter is made of ceramic (which most are for aesthetic purposes) this material has a tendency to chip so do be careful when you are moving it around.

To provide your plants protection against warming up from any heat the ceramic might hold, it is best to place a barrier between your plant and the teapot planter itself.

You can do this by placing either a plastic pot or some kind of biodegradable pot inside your teapot planter.

This way, you will have a barrier between the warm ceramic pot and the plant itself! The benefit of doing this is twofold. One, you can exchange the plant out easily with another or when it outgrows the pot and needs more room. Two, you protect your plant from getting overheated with the nice little barrier.

You really do not want to overheat your plants so don’t forget to add the barrier.

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Teapot Planter Party Idea

If you are planning a tea party or any kind of party for that matter, a great table centerpiece idea is to get this tea pot planter or one just like it and fill it with your favorite potting soil. Then add the flowers or foliage of your choice.

This one below isn’t a planter, it’s actually a real teapot, however, if you don’t like the selection available to you then just be creative and make your own! All you need is some imagination.

Make Your Own Teapot Planter

You will then find some cute matching or color coordinated teacups and then place the teacups on their saucers. If you want to permanently affix the teacups you can use a clear acrylic sealant on the bottom and then glue them together.

Next, you just fill the teacups with potting soil and your favorite little plants! You now have a fabulous teapot planter centerpiece with little matching teacups. Your party guests will love them and you can even let them take them home.

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