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cheap garden planterscheap garden planterscheap garden planters

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If you are searching for cheap garden planters to get you started in your gardening adventure then you have found the spot to find some great deals.

The most inexpensive garden planters are actually made of plastic and resin, so these are where you should start if looking for something more economical. Plastic is fairly cheap, durable and very lightweight which makes it a great candidate for decorating your garden. But did you also know that by re-using or recycling old garden pots you can help save the environment?

How you ask? By keeping old pots out of landfills, you will be helping enormously.

Plastic planters , as long as they are cared for, can actually last for years and years. Plastic, as you may know also takes years to biodegrade. This means that if you send your old plastic pots to landfills, they will sit there for a very long time and take up space.

Why throw that old planter or pot out when you can use it for something else?
So what can you do about it?

Make Your Own Cheap Garden Planters!

Please note that a cheap garden planter is not necessarily cheap looking, it just means it’s inexpensive.
In fact, many garden planters (no matter how ugly or old they are) can be refurbished to look just like new again!
The cheapest and easiest way to get an old planter looking spectacular is to paint it or glue shells, stones or buttons around it. Not only will you instantly update its look, but you will also be playing a role in keeping your old or worn pot from being sent to overflowing landfills.
Why trash them when they can be used again and again for something else?

Cheap Garden Planters Made of Plastics

The good and the bad

Plastic and resins are ideal garden containers because of the fact that they are very lightweight and so easy to move around. They are great for those fairly large displays where you want a giant pot to fill with a number of different plants with the added option of changing its location every once in a while.

The downside of larger and heavier garden planters, such as concrete and stone is that they cannot be moved around so easily. These types of planters require two strong people to relocate them or at the very least one strong person and a heavy duty dolly.
The disadvantages are that plastics tend to fade in the sun. Planters that are made of plastic can also break if hit against a hard or sharp surface, so care is needed to prevent damage.

Resins are much like plastic; however, they do tend to be more resistant to fading in the sun and will be less likely to break than plastic.

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