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Are you looking for some cute strawberry planters for your garden? Find a variety of strawberry planters (also known as strawberry jars) in this section.
A strawberry planter can add a cute and whimsical look to your garden area. They are great pots to work with and are wonderful when you want to grow strawberries or need to add tiered planters to your garden.
They can give a garden just a little more dimension.

How to Plant in Strawberry Planters

Strawberry planters are similar to a regular pot except they have the pockets. These little pockets may make it difficult to add soil to your planter.

The trick is to start from the bottom and work your way up.

You first need to add your potting soil and fill it just under the lowest pocket level. Gently firm the soil down and then add your plant into the little pocket and push it in toward the center. Firm the soil around your plant’s roots to make sure it is safely in place and the continue filling soil up to your next pocket level.

Repeat until you have filled the entire jar with soil and all your plants are in place.
Make note that what you do not want to do is just fill the entire pot with soil because you will find that it will spill over the sides of your strawberry planters causing a mess and frustration.

If you fill the planter in stages you will be on your way to a magnificent strawberry jar display!

View some stunning strawberry planter pots in beautiful colors!

Top Strawberry Planters For Sale

Strawberry Planters Here is a very large strawberry jar.

It is made of glazed stoneware and would make a wonderful adornment to any garden. This would make a great focal point.

Fill it with strawberries or beautiful trailing vines and flowers for a beautiful display.

Strawberry Jar

Available: Large Buy Now

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