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Wooden planters and planter boxes are a great way to get a rustic or more natural look in your garden.
Wooden planter boxes can range from the rustic look to a higher end look.
These planters can be made out of just about any type of wood there is. If it can be cut then a box or barrel can be shaped out of it.
One of the downsides to wood is that (unlike many of the other materials available) it can deteriorate over time. Since wood is biodegradable, it is more susceptible to the elements such as rain, snow and critters.

Dark wooden planter w/ liner

The best way, to keep your wooden planter in the best possible shape is to store it during the winter, preferably without anything planted inside it. By storing empty during cold weather, you ensure that the wood will not freeze. Wood is a lot like clay in this respect. The wood absorbs water and if temperatures drop, the water will expand and can crack or split your planter.
Frozen temperatures can cause the demise of any pretty wooden planter.

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Wooden pots are also susceptible to be damaged by termites and carpenter ants. A helpful way to keep them from being destroyed is to lift them off the soil. You can easily purchase some plant feet or simply place a wooden planter on pieces of brick or concrete.

The life of a wooden planter can also be extended by either using a separate pot to place plants inside. Another good option is to also try lining the planter with plastic. This will not only protect the wood from being exposed to microorganisms in the soil, but will increase the life of your planter.
In addition, wooden pots can last longer if they are painted, a wood preservative will also help extend their life.
Wooden planters are great pieces that will add rustic charm to your backyard d├ęcor, with proper care and precautions you will have your planter around for many years.

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