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Window boxes or window planters are helpful specialty containers that you can easily fit in your garden, even if you do not have one!

Window boxes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and materials. The materials can vary from wood, metal, stone planters and even wire planters!

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Almost every home or apartment comes equipped with at least one window, if you have a window that receives any kind of partial, moderate or full sun and even shade, you too can have a window planter that can serve as a pretty way to display your plants and flowers for everyone to see.

Depending on how wide your window sill is on the outside (where you intend to place your planter) dictates whether you need some metal brackets. Brackets will help to hold your window planter up, even when you have not window sill at all. They can be quite useful when you want to display your window boxes in a spot that does not offer any kind of support.

What to Plant in Window Boxes & Planters

Window boxes or a window flower pot can offer a lovely whimsical feel especially when filled with flowers that love to overflow and trail downward. Fun flowers to consider might be Ivy geraniums, cascading roses, ivy and jasmine to only name a few.
These types of plants are not the only ones that will look fabulous in window boxes. You can also grow upright plants as well mixed in or alone with others.

Try different combinations and you may love the results.

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