Buy a Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter

Buy a wooden wheelbarrow planter

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Here is an adorable set of wooden wheelbarrow planters in a pretty gray color.
These cuties will look great anywhere in your garden where you want to add a touch of whimsy and they will look especially pretty overflowing with flowers.

These have been made from cedar and they have been built to last a very long time. Imagine being able to pass these down to your child to decorate their own garden? They will not only look pretty in the front but also the back yard and can serve as a very pretty focal point that you can admire for as long as you like.

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Featured here is a set of two wheel barrows that have been made of cedar. You can set them side by side or just pair them off in different corners of your garden to make simple displays with your flowers and plants.

They will look especially nice paired with trailing flowers!

There is some assembly required with these wheelbarrows. The measurements are as follows: 18” H x 51” W x 17.5” D.
Decorate your backyard with these pretty little garden planters and you will have them for years to enjoy!

If you have an old and worn out wheelbarrow that you would like to use in your garden then do not be shy about it! Get that tired thing out and place it in a corner you want to accent. Fill it with gorgeous pots of flowers and start to work it to make it look great.
The best way to find out if something works is to try it out. You will not know unless you experiment a little.

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