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Do you want a set of dog planters for your home? Find some cute metal dog planters and other dog related gardening items right here.

Dogs are great pets and if you are a dog lover then celebrate your love for man’s best friend by decking your garden with a few cute garden planters for sale to create a charming and fanciful garden area.

Cute Scout Dog Metal Planter

Buy metal dog planterScout the Dog Metal Planter

This gorgeous puppy dog pot is the perfect touch for your indoor or outdoor area. Scout is a lovable looking puppy dog that looks like he’s ready to jump up on your knee!
This dog is made of welded steel with a painted and very pretty finish. As you can see, he has marble set eyes and also features floppy style ears as well as a tail that can wiggle since it is made from a spring material.

This adorable planter will hold up to a 6″ pot and is perfect for a patio area or maybe to decorate a child’s room.

It can breathe some life into a dull room. Create a cute puppy dog theme with this pleasing little pup!

Product Features:
Holds 6″ pot
Steel construction
Easily cleaned with water
Measures: Height: 24.0 “; Width: 17.0 “; Depth: 8.5 ”
Will charm anyone and will make a great gift

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Bichon Frise Planter

Cute Shiz Tzu Planter

Buy metal dog planterBao Bao The Shiz Tzu Planter

This whimsical, little planter is a cute piece for the Shiz Tzu lover! It is a small planter so it is best used for a smaller plant or maybe just to hold household items such as candy or something small.
It is probably not best for something larger but will look great with smaller items. This cutie will add a whimsical feel to any area it is in.

Product Features:
Holds 4″ pot
Constructed from steel
Powder finish
9″ tall

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