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Frog planters, are they ugly little things or cute and whimsical additions to the garden?

Any frog lover might tell you that frogs are the sweetest little four legged creatures on the planet and cute as can be. While many people might disagree with that.. they can look super cute in the form of planters and fit right in with your garden’s décor.

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Gardening Themes

The best way to have a charming looking garden is to set up a theme. Of course, you can do whatever you want in your garden but if you happen to love frogs then you can add even more similar items to your garden such as outdoor mats, flags, windchimes, water fountains and other items that will pull your theme together.

You can also combine them such as frogs with ladybugs and dragonflies! This is also a great way to decorate for garden parties. A few whimsical planters will really go a long way as table centerpieces. Imagine this cute planter filled with some dinner napkins or some beverages.

Not only is it decorative but it is also functional too.

Buy a frog planterTalavera Frog Planters for Sale

This planter is made talavera style which is a popular export of Mexico. This one is going fast so swipe it up before it sells out. Many of these types of planters are hand made so if you decide to order this then realize it will vary in color and pattern. It may not be exactly the same because they are hand painted.
Product Features:
Measures 9″ tall, 10″ long and 10″ wide
For Indoors or Outdoors

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View the Ebay listings for some cute frog planters for your garden. You can find some of the best bargains below so shop around for something special.

Search for more garden planters at discount prices.

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