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Do you need to buy Talavera planters? Find some wonderful, elegant and very pretty garden planters to match your whimsical garden decor.

Talavera planters are absolutely gorgeous and have very intricate designs and patterns covering them. Many come directly from Mexico and so there are no two exactly alike.

Browse through the selection to find something to work into your garden’s decor. If you have a friend who loves the look of Talavera and all things Mexican then you might try to give one of these lovely planters as a gift!

Look below to find something special!

Buy a talavera planterTalavera Cup Planter

Here is an extra large, Talavera planter in the shape of a cute cup. This whimsical cup measures 10″ in diameter by 5 1/2″ tall. This is made of ceramic and has been painted with the traditional Talavera style. For your convenience there is a drainage hole at the bottom of each planter. It should be noted that each design is an original so the one you receive will not be identical to this one but it will be similar. Each piece is hand painted by artists in Mexico. You will truly have a one of a kind piece and this will add charm to your home or garden.

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Buy a talavera planterTalavera Ceramic Pot

I love this pot! It has bright, gorgeous colors with the Talavera style painting. It measures 12″ X 8 & 1/2″ and comes with a pre-drilled hole in the center so your roots will have proper drainage.

This was made in Mexico and is a beautiful collector’s item and a wonderful representation of Talavera craftsmanship. Please note that since these are all hand painted you will not receive the exact same pot as in the picture. Since it is handmade all pots may have slight imperfections, this is an indication of the originality of each piece.

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